The People Behind

Anshul Fernando
Anshul is an insect fanatic since he was a child when he started off with a fascination for butterflies which is now grown into a big collection of butterflies, moths, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, wasps and even arachnids like tarantulas, centipedes and scorpions.Since years he dreams of building a museum to show his collection and educate people about insects and other arthropods. The foundation is a big step on the way to make his dream come true.
"When I was a child there were many butterfly migration paths right here in Calgary where I grew up. Nowadays they disappeared. The number of butterflies and the variety of species was alarmingly reduced in the last thirty years and I would like to help to bring them back."

Stefanie Haase-Fernando
Stefanie studied and graduated in Biochemistry, but quit science to help Anshul building his insect retail business. In 2009 they started the foundation together and work on it ever since.
"It annoys me how careless people treat the environment. We all can be better. It all comes down to treating all living beings with respect, big ones and tiny ones. We have to understand that everything is connected and the things we do influence us and our surroundings. In doing the right thing we can protect Earth for us and our children."



    The people behind